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Bringing you to the web, without breaking your bank

Here at Mu Studios, our main goal is to help our clients get themselves onto the web as efficiently as possible. This efficiency comes from –

  • Years of experience on the web
  • The use of industry standards
  • Working with others who have a similar goal
  • Harnessing the power of open source software

This is all done with an emphasis on quality and getting the job done right the first time. Because of this, we can accomplish projects quickly and easily which allows us to reduce the cost to you.

As well, we help to keep costs low for our clients by developing the site with you in mind. Other firms will have additional charges if you would like to have a Content Management System (CMS) to control your site or to optimize it for search engines. We don’t have these charges because we build all of our sites on top of an open source CMS to begin with and we properly structure our HTML so that is viewed properly by Google, Yahoo, etc. We won’t develop your site so we can come back later and gauge you by having to rewrite the site to add on features we could have included from the beginning.

We realize that when it comes to the web, most people do not truly understand what is going on behind the scenes and this can cause for you to get taken to the cleaners because of this. We want to help you better understand exactly what it is we do so you can see the value in it but also understand where what we offer differs from others in the field.

Content Management

For most websites, we use WordPress as the Content Management system behind the site. WordPress is open source and supported by many developers around the world. WordPress is also very flexible and allows us to easily customize it for the needs of our clients. Whenever possible, we share our internal work with the development community because without them giving to us we would not be where we are today.

Search Engine Optimization

When we develop our sites we follow standards so the site is search engine friendly to start. We do not leave the job half done so that we can later charge you to correct the site. If you would like we can look over your current site and help you pin point issues that it may currently have and how they can be fixed. Also if you are not happy with where your site is currently appearing in the search engines we can also help you look at how you can ethically correct this.


Following our open source theme we have developed e-commerce sites for clients that have used a variety of different shopping cart solutions with different payment processors. Counting on your needs we can talk about a variety different solutions that would best fit your need. As well we can tailor this plan to start small and later grow as your online business needs grow.

Application Development

On top of your standard website, we also develop web and desktop applications that can help make your job simpler and easier. These applications can be a brand new concept that you would like implemented or help you work with an application that you are already using. As well, we know of a lot of open source applications that are already written that we can help you setup and use as well. When needed we can even tailor these applications to your specific needs to help increase your own productivity.

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