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MeasureMee is a nice simple application written in QML. It has the ability to estimate measurements in pictures on your phone. It has a very simple concept. If you take a picture and know the length of something in the picture, MeasureMee can estimate the length of other items in the picture. There are some limitations of this of course. The known length object and the object in question must be in the same plane in the picture. The point of view must be the same or the estimation will be off. Here are some screen shots just to show you what it does.


Start up screen


After the start up screen MeasureMee finds all of the images on your phone and displays them in a nice tiled layout.


After you choose which image you would like to use, it brings up the image and the 5 things that you need to input.  First you have to put in the four points.  The first two points are the end points for the object of known length, the black dots.  After you set those end points, you can set the end points for the object in question, the white dots.  Now put in the length of the known object to the right.  In this example I set the width of an N8 as the known object and the height of the N8 screen as the object in question.  I set the width of the screen as 10, it then calculated the height as 18.  No need to inches or centimeters.  Just a number.  You can move the points around.  If you don’t like where you put a reference point, select the box again and reset it.  It is very simple.

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