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QtSoundCloud is a project that I, Wade Shull, started to accomplish two different things.  First I wanted an app that I could access my SoundCloud account from on my Nokia N900 and also I wanted to show how powerful QML can be.  The second part only started to be a dream when I started to dig into how to make an app for my Nokia phone.  I downloaded Qt Creator and just dug right in.  I am not a programmer by trade so a lot of the C that normal Qt Creator uses was a little too advanced for me.  When I started reading about QML though my interests were peaked and I was hooked.  It took a while to get the basics down but I fully believe that QML is more powerful and easy than anyone gives it credit for.  That coupled with the new Qt Creator SDK from Nokia that easily allows you to develop to multiple platforms is a win in every direction if you ask me.


I started modeling QtSoundCloud from the already finished and polished official apps for SoundCloud on Android and iOS.  The app itself is almost complete.  I need to polish the UI a little bit and I do want to add some more capability to it.  At the moment the OAuth2 isn’t completed so you don’t have the ability to add comments, upload a song, or edit your Favorites in any way.  I hope to complete this in the near future. After the video are some screen shots of the app in the Qt Simulator.  I hope to release it to Meego and Symbian if I can get it tested on those platforms.



QtSoundCloud Demo from Mu Studios on Vimeo.

The You Page has a tab to show your Favorites, your Info and a list of Tracks that you uploaded.

Album art and searchable waveform that shows progress while playing.  Next and previous allow you to move back and forth through your favorites or the list of searched songs.

The Info Page is all the information the uploaded has put in.  At the bottom of the info page there is a button that leads to the comments.

The Comments Page shows all of the comments that people have left for the song that is playing.  At any time you can hit the Now Playing button at the top to go back to the Album Art and Waveform.  Hitting the You Button will take you back to the You Page at any time.

Here is the Search Page that can be gotten to from the You Page.  Here you can do a search on SoundCloud.  In the screenshot here I have done a search for Daft Punk.  The list is very big.  If you click on a song it will play that song and show you the album art just like in the screenshot above.  You can use the next and previous in this search list just you can in your Favorites.

In the future I hope to have the ability that you could add songs to your Favorites from searches.  I would also like to add the capability to record to your phone and upload it right to SoundCloud with no need for a computer.  Another feature would be to have the ability to download the song to your phone in mp3 format if the author has allowed that.  I don’t know if I can pull that off in pure QML though.  There is not much in the form of File Management with QML at the moment.


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